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Preparation Guidelines of ISO 9000 Certification Documentation

Literature relevant to sociotechnical systems also is reviewed in this chapter. The research methodology followed in the conduct of this study is described and explained in Chapter 3. The findings of the evaluation of the style guidelines developed as a part of this study are presented in Chapter 4. Conclusions drawn from the study findings are stated in Chapter 5. The handbook "Style Guidelines for Composing ISO 9000 Procedures" is included in this study as an appendix.

Literature relevant to the ISO 9000 program is reviewed. This review develops an overview of the ISO 9000 concept, and describes the ISO 9000 system structure. The procedures required to obtain ISO 9000 certification also are reviewed. Experiences of firms and other organizations that have obtained ISO 9000 certification are discussed, as are the advantages and disadvantages associated with such certification. Literature relevant to sociotechnical systems also is reviewed.

The ISO 9000 quality assurance standards were introduced in 1987 by the International Standards Organization. Confusion continues to surround ISO 9000, however, even after seven years of activity. This confusion even extends to the term ISO. Wade Ferguson, writing in the journal Industrial Management, stated that ISO is an acronym for the International Standards Organization. While there is a logical appeal to this explanation, it is apparently incorrect. Ronald Henkoff, writing in Fortune magazine reported that the correct pronunciation of ISO is not eye ess oh but rather ice-o. The reason is that the International Standards Organization decided against the use of an acronym because such an acronym would not be pronounced the same in every language. Thus, the organization adopted ISO as "an official nickname, derived from isos, a Greek word meaning equal, as in isobar, isometrics, and isosceles triangle."

The International Standards Organization located in Geneva, Switzerla...

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