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A second primary role played by Victor is that of creator of life. He pursues his role as scientist with such commitment in order to discover the nature and generation of life. He gives little thought to whether he should do so and he does not give consideration to the final appearance of his creation. VictorĂs pursuit of creating life is similar, according to L. J. Swingle (178), to the type of madness we experience as we pursue ˘the oppressive fantasies of our own creation.÷ In his role of creator, Frankenstein is viewed as God-like by his rejected creation, who likens himself to Adam, the first man created by God, ˘Abandoned by Victor at Šbirth,Ă the unnamed being later compares its miserable plight to GodĂs loving creation of Adam÷ (Segal 861).

The third role played by Frankenstein is one of parent to the ˘creature,÷ a poor


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