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The Scientist: Victor Frankenstein

The third role played by Frankenstein is one of parent to the 'creature,' a poor parent who gives little consideration to his creation's appearance or what his behavior will be outside the laboratory. He also abandons his creation, much like he abandoned his family and friends to create him. In this way, he is like a father who refuses to take responsibility for his children, despite the pleas of his creation, 'How can I move thee? Will no entreaties cause thee to turn a favorable eye upon they creature, who implores thy goodness and compassion?' (Shelley 81). Instead, the parent-role of Frankenstein is one which he plays poorly, leaving his creation to become the scorn of the world. We see the 'creature's' disappointment that despite any of his best intentions or actions, few can look past his horrifying form. He maintains that he had once 'falsely hoped to meet with beings, who, pardoning my outward form, would love me for the excellent qualities I was capable of bringing forth' (Shelley 190). In fact, this rejection of the creation he has 'birthed,' makes Frankenstein's role of parent one which exhibits what Eve Sedgwick (ix) maintains is 'a male paranoid reading of maternity, a reading that persistently renders uncanny, renders as violence of a particular kind the-coming-to-body of the (male) individual subject.'

In conclusion, it is readily apparent that although Victor Frankenstein adopts many roles in Shelley's novel, his primary roles are that of scientist, creator and parent. In these roles, he achieves his ambition to discover the nature and generation of life but he fails to do so in ways that consider the outcome of these disco


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