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Scenarios in Management

What suggestions do you have that would make it possible for both your daughter's goals and the company's to be realized?"

#3 The goal in this interaction is to have Diane help find ways to meet the unrealistic deadline she has just set. Long-term, it will be necessary to find ways to avoid such on-the-spot situations. Diane considers putting Beta 5.1 out as a critical success factor and meet the performance objectives.

"Diane, I wish we had spoken privately about the customer's request prior to committing us to a date of next week. We are looking about a month's worth of rewrite that must now be completed in one week. While I recognize the importance of getting the product out, we will be in real trouble if it fails to meet the customer's expectations--not only will this customer not be satisfied, but the market will react negatively, as well. Right now, the only way I can see to meet the deadline is to bring in outside contractors and increase our overtime, which puts us in budget peril, but I'm certainly open to your suggestions."

#4 In this interaction, the goal is to promote the open door policy that led Cecil to confide in the first place, but not to offer any guarantees about his performance review. Cecil is searching for reassurance about his review (and perhaps a raise) in this interaction. Without knowing his specific performance, no statement should be made regarding his review.


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