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Scenarios in Management

#4 In this interaction, the goal is to promote the open door policy that led Cecil to confide in the first place, but not to offer any guarantees about his performance review. Cecil is searching for reassurance about his review (and perhaps a raise) in this interaction. Without knowing his specific performance, no statement should be made regarding his review.

"Cecil, I'm glad that things are going well for you and your wife. Counseling can certainly help iron out difficulties that arise from time to time. And I'm glad that you took the time to confide in me. You're a valued employee and I'm always glad for the opportunity to listen to your concerns. Best of luck to you and Barbara."

#5 The goal in this interaction is to encourage Jacob to communicate better and to work better as a team member, and to open a dialogue about how to help him do this. It is also important to reinforce the importance of meeting deadlines. Jacob is also feeling that he must help other members of the team, and is deflecting responsibility away from himself.

"Jacob, I'm glad you finished the project analysis, but yes, you should have kept me apprised of your progress even if you thought you could finish on time. You're a highly creative employee, and I know you want to help other team members with their tasks, but you also need to say 'no' to them if it means that your tasks will be late. You can send them to me, or even discuss their requests for help with me, but it does us no good if your work is consistently late. Let's schedule a time to discuss at length ways you can both use your creativity and still meet the deadlines."

#6 In this interaction, Michael wants to be reassured that the company is behind his personal goals, but he is also concerned about his role in his new position and company. It is not clear that my personal involvement is needed at this time.

"I understand the MBA program is excellent at State, and we certainly want...

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