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U.S Foreign Policy Regarding Israel and Egypt

S. exerted considerable influence on Israel due to its enormous military and financial backing. After years of severed relations, Sadat began orienting Egypt's foreign policy toward the U.S. Egypt had already embarked on a program of liberalizing its economy and had dismantled its one-party system of politics in favor of a multi-party system. Egypt needed military and economic support from the U.S. to achieve its aims, while recognizing that without U.S. involvement any resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was unlikely. As Meital (1998) argues, 'The need to deal with the conflict with Israel and the economic and monetary challenges facing Egypt were the factors underlying the turn toward the U.S.,' (4).

Egypt has long been a beneficiary of U.S. economic and military aid. Israel receives the most foreign aid from the U.S. of all recipient countries. For decades such aid was based on national policy that viewed Israel as a 'special relationship' with the U.S., one that fostered self-determinism, democratic principles, and neo-liberal economic reforms. During the Cold War and a rising Russian influence and presence in the region, U.S. policy felt such aid to Israel helped promote U.S. interests in the region while helping Israel protect itself from its Arab neighbors hostile to its creation. After the Cold War, however, the U.S. continues to supply Israel with enormous military and economic aid. This is viewed as biased policy in the Arab world because the U.S. has vetoed any U.N. Security Council Resolutions calling for Israel to return lands occupied during the 1967 War that are in violation of international law. The U.S. has also vetoed any U.N. Security Council Resolutions calling for condemnation of Israel for attacks on Palestinians refugees during the two major Arab uprisings. Egyptian President Sadat understood the major role played by the U.S. in the region, particularly where Israel was concerned, 'Cairo av...

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