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Influence of the Mass Media

A solid foundation to an Introductory Programme in Mass Communication must stress the interdisciplinary aspect of the field as well as the social responsibility involved.

The major purposes of the Programme are to inform students of the variety and technological mechanisms of mass communication media and to ensure a keen and unflagging awareness of the power for good and evil held by the owners of mass media. He who controls communication, controls life. The student will learn about how best he or she can exploit the wealth of the mass media for personal and social gains--i.e. how to shift thought and behavior control from media owners to the individual citizen.


At the successful completion of this course of study (the Programme), the learner will be able to:

03.01.01 Identify the current and near-future mass media, and briefly explain their technological communicative mechanisms.

Performance criterion: Learner will be considered as having reached this objective when he or she has obtained at least 65% of the attainable points on written and/or oral examination(s).

03.01.02 Explain the role(s) of telev


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