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Marx's Ideas in "The Communist Manifesto"

Those that oppose globalization and the capitalistic tendencies it encourages continue to look to Marxian ideology for inspiration, and often invoke ideas found in The Communist Manifesto. They do so with good reason; it is in Marx that the most cogent criticisms of capitalist society are to be found.

Beyond this, however, it is clear that there is a side of this modern world that does not take capitalism for granted. Rather, this is a side that (though composed of many different views) supposes there is perhaps a more elegant, more just, and more appropriate economic system for human beings than capitalism. It is perhaps in this context that Marx's own deep conviction that human beings are essentially creative, productive beings still resonates today.

Those that lament the technological age for its fanatical obsession with efficiency, expansion, and profit will often utilize the same arguments about human nature that Marx himself made in 1848. The frustration that everyday workers in the 21st century experience is akin to that experience Marx observed: an experience that reduces all to the level of paid wage laborers, highly specialized but under-compensated, utterly unable to get ahead. And indeed, as society modernizes fewer and fewer opportunities seem to exist that will allow individuals to feel involved in a genuinely creative process. If Marx is correct, this will feed a slide into self-alienation, and will aggravate the class struggle.

Has this very trend not perpetuated itself in the 21st century? As first world countries grow more prosperous (often at the expense of the third world), within the most highly industrialized, democratic, and capitalistic societies there exists a widening gulf between the rich and the poor. The means of production, to use Marx's terminology, have been concentrated in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. It is a condition t


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