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Finding Nemo

Even the somewhat jaded 16-plus-year-old teenage segment wanted to see the film, both in the U.S. and abroad, where it was also very successful. Driving this success, particularly in the United Kingdom, was targeted advertising as was found in the U.S. (Finding Nemo, 2003).

When it opened, this film grossed $70.6 million in its first week (DiOrio, 2003). Produced for an estimated $80 to $90 million, the film was the animated firm grossing most in film history for both the key opening-day and single-day gross categories, at $20 million and $29 million respectively. It also delivered Disney a studio record for a three-day bow (DiOrio, 2003).

If break-even for a $15 million movie is about $37 million, then a break-even point for an $94 million movie such as Finding Nemo would be about $231.87 million. It is clear that even domestically, before being released in overseas markets, Finding Nemo surpassed the break even point. Overall, as data provided below will demonstrate, this film surpassed the break-even point by some $541.42 million dollars û long before video sales were added to the total or licensing profits from Disney/Pixar's agreement with Hasbro Toys and other partners are factored into the calculation. Using Earnest's formula for determining financial box office success, one must conclude that Finding Nemo was a stellar success for its producers.

Comparative data also illustrate the relative success of this film, which surged almost immediately into the upper echelons of all-time most successful films û besting Disney's former Number 1, The Lion King. WorldwideBoxOffice (2004), listed Finding Nemo as 9th highest-growing film released between 1900 and 2004. A total of $849.8 million in gross sales was divided between $339.7 in sales in the U.S. and $510.1 abroad. Figures such as these would be, in Earnest's (185) view, an excellent indicator of box office success. Besting Finding Nemo's records in the top th...

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