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Jousting : "Hastiludia or spear play"

Jousting in tournaments came with an expectation that no one would be lethally injured from the martial games. Jousting in the Medieval era was held in a "list field," or roped off area where the tournament fighting occurred, but as the Renaissance unfolded, the palaces and castles of nobility were "augmented by purposefully-built tiltyards as a venue for jousting tournaments" ("Jousting" 3).

Horses used in jousting tournaments included two kinds, warmblood "chargers" and coldblood "destriers" ("Jousting" 3). The former were used for their agility and stamina but were much lighter in weight than the destriers who were slower but whose weight helped deliver the "devastating force" of the rider's lance ("Jousting" 3). Armor also evolved between the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Medieval armor was primarily chain mail and included a solid, heavy helmet known as the "great helm" ("Jousting" 4). A shield completed the suit of armor. By the Renaissance, knights who engaged in tournaments wore "full suits of plate armor, called a harness" ("Jousting" 4). Reinforced with bolted on protective plates of heavy metal breastplates and arm and should pieces, these offered greater protection to combatants but at the price of the mobility offered by chain mail. Lances were most often made of solid oak in this period, requiring significant force to break them.

In conclusion, jousting evolved from a brutal and deadly form of combat into martial games during tournaments for the rich and nobility. Modern jousting has been promoted by the "International Jousting Association" which offers rigid rules for the "quality and authenticity of jousters' armor and equipment" ("Jousting" 4). Modern jousting uses lance tips that are breakable to ensure safety, and today's lances are usually made from light woo


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