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Role of Women in Christian Faith

It is then the "nature" of the male to be destructive, the "nature" of the Christian tradition to damage people, to eliminate women from history, to demonize the feminine. This absolutizing of negative experience, even though--it must be acknowledged--it is largely dominant, creates prejudice and weakens ethical claims. Such a "frenzy of the negative" (Hegel) leads to a paralysis of all ideas and thus too of any attempts at change. Anyone who studies the history of women in the Christian tradition will come upon a great deal which goes against the claim of Christian faith. And yet, anyone who therefore gives up the baptismal formula in Gal.3.28, that in Christ there is neither man nor woman, confirms the history of contradiction, rather than offering a critical challenge to it (3-4).

To this end, Heine explains that her purpose has

no other alternative than to attack prejudices, no matter on which side they appear and are brought into play; this is the only possible way of getting out of the vicious circle of each side blaming the other,


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