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The Peruvian Highway System

Terrorism has also played a major role in the deterioration of rural roads and highways in Peru. The drug trade of the Americas has led to the rise of various insurgent groups, and has made public infrastructure a political target for terrorists. According to Mauceri, "shrinking public resources have undermined the basic infrastructure of the country by limiting the state's ability to maintain and repair it after terrorist attacks"(Mauceri 12). Roads are particularly vulnerable, due to their remoteness and lack of government supervision. Terrorists are able to achieve maximum disruption, drawing optimal attention to their cause by cutting off ordinary villagers and rural dwellers from their lines of supply.

Inadequate maintenance of the highways connecting the various major cities of Peru is another problem within the Peruvian transport system. The country's administration by the Toledo government led to considerable political turmoil. High unemployment and financial instability has led to a disorganized approach toward the development of infrastructure. Peru contains 72,900 kilometers of highways, of which only 9,331 are paved (, 2004).

Poor construction of highways was mainly due to lack of planning and lack of public funds to adequately resource building projects. Fortunately, foreign aid has been offered to provide much needed funding to ensure that new roads will be better constructed and adequately maintained. The people of Peru know that their country's productivity depends upon the reliability and functionality of the transportation system, as Nugent reports,

Amazonas will only progress when it can develop all its latent activities and export its different products, utilizing a good highway; now your government has resolved to make a reality of this dream of the Amazonenses, carrying out the construction of the highway alluded to (Nugent 191).

Additionally, the United S...

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