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The War on Terror

It would be unconscionable to stand back with hands folded while terrorists do as they please, killing people both on U.S. soil and around the world. To do nothing is effectively to promote terrorism and to agree to it. It is absurd to think that handing terrorists free reign would preserve the lives of Americans currently fighting the War on Terror; on the contrary, without anyone to stop them, terrorists would simply kill whomever they pleased. The casualties we are seeing in the Iraq War would be multiplied exponentially, and they would include Americans on their own soil, and of all ages from infant to octogenarian. The idea that pulling out of Iraq would save lives is ludicrous.

We have no choice as responsible citizens but to support the War on Terror; its objective is our own safety and the preservation of our liberties. Flouting it does us no good, and stopping it is little better than handing our country and the rest of the world over to terrorists. Can the war be won? Probably not in the sense of wiping every terrorist from the face of the planet forever, but it can be won in the sense of creating a united front in the face of which it is far more difficult for terrorists to operate. Outlawing murder does not eliminate murder from America, but it certainly deters it


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