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Iraq-United National Crisis

 Iraq also was required to make known to the United Nations a full disclosure of all chemical and biological weapons, ballistic missile stocks and production facilities, and all nuclear materials. Lastly, this resolution required that Iraq cooperate in the destruction of all of these materials. Sanctions were not lifted by this resolution; however, the resolution did specify that the sanctions would be reviewed each 60 days.

Resolution 687 remains the primary Security Council resolution under which the United Nations relations with Iraq continue to be conducted. Iraqi cooperation with the United Nations under the provisions of this resolution, however, have been far from satisfactory from the perspective of the Security Council.

Resolution 688 was passed by the Security Council on 5 April 1991. This resolution condemned Iraq for the treatment of the country's own citizens, with a particular emphasis on the Kurds in Iraq. Safe havens for Kurds within Iraq were established through Resolution 688. No fly zones for the Iraqi air force also were established by Resolution 688.

Resolutions 706 and 712 passed by the Security Council in 1991 were designed to allow Iraq to make limited oil sales over a six-month period. Iraq attempted to negotiate more favorable terms on th


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