The Montagues and Capulets Love Story
They would rather be genuinely dead in their genuine love for each other than un-genuinely alive to be worthy of one ˘name÷ or another. They are not afraid of their parents; they are not prone to hide or lie from their parents, and they are not unappreciative of their parentĂs genuine sacrifices in their ˘name.÷ They are aware, though, that despite these feelings for their parents, their parents might repudiate them if they dare express their genuine feeling for, vice versa, a dreaded ˘Montague÷ or ˘Capulet.÷ Nevertheless, it is only the names ˘Romeo÷ or ˘Juliet÷ the lovers wish to be reminded of. As Juliet laments, ˘O for a falconerĂs voiceÓBondage is hoarse and may not speak aloud; Else would I tear the cave where Echo lies, And make her airy tongue more hoarse than mine With repetition of my RomeoĂs name,÷ (Shakespeare 1975, 1021).

If youth crushes the love between Romeo and Juliet, it is not because of their genuine affection for each other or the reality that despite their love for each other in the here and now it may not last. So what if they do not understand or wish to tarnish the here and now of their commitment with such mature but balloon-puncturing thoughts? In that, in their youth, they are more than entitled. If youth crushes them in any manner it is not youth itself, but misguided role models. They are too young and lack the experience to dis

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