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Ideological Shifts in American History

However, as both Foner (1998) and Johnson (1997) have noted, few political leaders are exclusively liberal or exclusively conservative. While no one would deny that Richard M. Nixon was generally conservative in his political views, he also established the Environmental Protection Agency, which introduced a host of new regulations impacting upon big business (Whitney, 1993).

What accounts for these ideological shifts? Eric Foner (1998) suggests that a number of factors are at work in shaping the national political ethos at any given time. The economic situation, the degree of uncertainty regarding America's prospects (both economically and politically), the presence or absence of conflicts impacting upon the country, and emergent socio-cultural attitudes all shape this orientation. Foner (1998) as well as Johnson (1996) suggests that variables such as these are important determinants of how Americans will vote ...

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