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How Corporate Culture Existed

To test the hypothesis that fundamental values are extremely stable and that very little change would take place in managerial values over an extended period of time, samples of managerial values were taken over a 21-year period. Managers were asked to rank the importance of fifteen characteristics ranging from "hard work" and "respect for authority," to "family obligations" and "sensitivity to feelings." In order to examine differences between different cultures and subcultures, at the time of the initial sample in 1965, subsamples were taken at Kennecott Copper, Sperry Rand's Aeronautical Equipment Division, and from participants in Harvard's Advanced Management Program and the University of Wisconsin's Management Institute. Despite the major differences in the organizational environments, there were no significant differences in the rankings of fourteen of the fifteen characteristics by the different subgroups.?FN1James A. Lee, "Changes in Managerial Values, 1965-1986," ?MDUL?Business Horizons?MDNM? Vol. 31, No. 4. (July-August, 1988) pp. 29-31.

Longitudinal studies were made at Sperry Rand during the 1965-86 period, with separate samples in 1965, 1972, 1978 and 1986. The Aeronautical Equipment Division underwent tremendous change during this time. Employment more than doubled, sales mul-tiplied by sixteen times, and most of the managers who partici-pated in the original study were no longer employed. The ranking of only three characteristics changed significantly between 1965 and 1986: there was a slight decrease in the importance of "hard work," a slight increase in the importance of "family obliga-tions," and the importance of "respect for authority" dropped during the 1970s and then recovered slightly by 1986. The researchers noted that respect for American institutions in general declined during the 1970s, a period marked by the Vietnam War and Watergate. Overall, through more than two decades "very little change to...

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