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John Proctor's Personal Diary

I told her how wild she was talking, but she kept on telling me about how she dreams of me. At that point I made the mistake of calling her a 'child', not because she isn't one but because it fueled her anger. She then got bitter and stated saying things about Elizabeth being sickly and a 'cold, sniveling woman' (Miller 1995, 22). Abigail kept crying and we could hear a psalm from below. Suddenly Betty started wailing and it distracted her. By the time she was fussing over Betty, Parris had rushed into the room. She tried to say Betty was wailing because she couldn't 'bear to hear the Lord's name!', but I thought this lacked common sense. I was happy on a more practical level to be thinking that Abigail had forgotten our quarrel. How wrong I would prove to be I did not know at the time.

Entry Three (Persuasive): Dear Reverend Hale, I am writing you this letter because I require a return of common sense to Salem. You have long placed manmade authority above a higher authority; the law above Divine justice. As such, innocent men and women continue to be persecuted, accused of being witches when no such evidence of witches exists. My own wife, Rebecca Nurse, and other women accused of witchcraft have been accused by a bitter and vengeful group of girls. In my wife Elizabeth's case, Abigail Proctor is angry she was let go and even angrier when I would not return her amorous affections. I have brought you evidence of the good character and good works of these women, but you and even Parris, who initially resisted the urge to conjure up demons, refute it. Rumor has a life of its own. Like a snowball, once accusations form they begin to roll from one pair of lips to another and soon nothing can stop them though they little mirror fact. I have the courage and bravery to conf


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