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The Crucible

I was all alone with her and Betty was on my bed. She was up to her mischievous self, telling me about her dancing in the woods all night and giving me that winning smile and those wicked eyes of hers. Damn me but she was getting to me when I caught myself and told Abby she was ˘wicked÷ (Miller 1995, 20). She began to grow upset when she accused me of giving her hope to wait for me. When I told her I wouldnĂt come for her any more, she reminded me of when Elizabeth put her out for lewd behavior and said ˘you love me then and you do now!÷ (Miller 1995, 21). I told her how wild she was talking, but she kept on telling me about how she dreams of me. At that point I made the mistake of calling her a ˘child÷, not because she isnĂt one but because it fueled her anger. She then got bitter and stated saying things about Elizabeth being sickly and a ˘cold, sniveling woman÷ (Miller 1995, 22). Abigail kept crying and we could hear a psalm from below. Suddenly Betty started wailing and it distracted her. By the time she was fussing over Betty, Parris had rushed into the room. She tried to say Betty was wailing because she couldnĂt ˘bear to hear the LordĂs name!÷, but I thought this lacked common sense. I was happy on a more practical level to be thinking that Abigail had forgotten our quarrel. How wrong I would prove to be I did not know at the time.

Entry Three (Persuasive): Dear Reverend Hale, I am writing you this letter because I require


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