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However, he is found there by a shepherd and brought before the king of Corinth, who raises him as his own. When Oedipus has grown to be a man, he is again told of his destiny. Not wishing to destroy the people he thinks to be his parents, he leaves Corinth. On a lonely stretch of road, he meets a stranger, quarrels with him, and eventually kills him in a fight. He then arrives in a new city, whose queen, Jocasta, is in mourning for her dead husband. Solving the riddle of the Sphinx (which proves him worthy of the throne), he marries the queen and becomes king.

Only then does he discover that the man he had killed was his real father and the woman he married was his real mother. Fulfilling the prophesy brings sorrow and suffering on his kingdom. Eventually, his mother/wife commits suicide, and he blinds himself. He eventually dies, old, blind, and alone, but at peace with the knowledge of the inevitability of his fate.

The Oedipus myth has survived ever since. Sophocles made it famous with his trilogy of plays about the tragic king, and Sigmund Freud decided that its central notion of the universal struggle between father and son for the affections of the mother is an essential rite of passage for all males everywhere.

Almost any fictional work which includes a father-son relationship can be read in Oedipal terms, whether the connection was intended by the author or not, since the mythic

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