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2 Films in Modern Literature

Luke is at first horrified to discover that he has considered making love to his own sister. Later, he realizes that it was the familial bond between them that first drew him to her and now provides their strongest connection.

The most dynamic relationship in all three films, however, is that between Luke and the man who he discovers to be his father, Darth Vader. Even before they meet, they are each able to sense the other's presence. Vader recognizes Luke as a powerful threat to his position, even if he does not at first realize that this is the son he has not yet met. Luke is simultaneously fascinated by Vader and repulsed by him, not merely because Vader represents the corruption of the powers Luke is only beginning to sense in himself. The first time he feels Vader's closeness he says, "I shouldn't have come" (Lucas), but he really has no more choice in the matter than did Oedipus meeting his father on that remote mountain path.

Throughout the second film, Luke and Vader cross paths and maintain their feud, but their ultimate confrontation provides the film's climax. As they fight, Vader suddenly reveals his true identity to Luke. This news so horrifies the young man that he becomes distracted, and Vader takes advantage of the moment to slice off Luke's left hand. In physical and psychological torment, Luke slips away from Vader, ending up in his sister's care at the film's end.

This is a variation from the Oedipal myth, since the king is never aware that he is battling his own son and is therefore unable to reveal himself to Oedipus. Instead, Lucas gives the story more force by using this revelation to lend conflict and tension to the climax of the second part. In the original myth, Oedipus is still unaware at this point, but a modern hero cannot escape knowledge for as long a time. Luke is given the double dilemma of knowing that he must kill Vader and knowing that he is to kill his own father. This makes the...

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