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How Hittites Originated

1590) captured Babylon, but another Aryan tribe, known as the Kassites, soon took Babylon from them.

From about 1460 to 1200 B.C. came the period that is called the Hittite Empire. Within their own country, rulers governed through officials, rather than use their own vassals. An earlier pankus, or body of citizens, which had acted as an assembly, no longer met. Abroad, the monarchs captured northern Syria, fighting against Egypt, Mitanni, and Assyria.

Fighting over Syria and Phoenicia with Egypt, with the main battle being fought in 1288 B.C. by Muttallish the Hittite and Rameses II at Kadesh, weakened the Hittites. About 1200 B.C. the Hittite empire collapsed under the impact of barbarian tribal migrations which triggered a massive movement of Anatolian peoples southward. During this time, other peoples were also attacked. The island of Cyprus was sacked, and many towns in Syria and Palestine were also destroyed. Even Egypt, under Rameses III, was under siege.

The Hittite civilization, which lasted for at least a thousand years, was possessed and developed by several societies which differed in chronological periods, geographical location, and probably in race. The Hittites borrowed from Mesopotamia and the Hurrians, but managed to create a distinctive civilization of their own. The cuneiform system of writing, the form of the Mesopotamian law code, and religious concepts and ceremonies were among their borrowings, but the different environment of Anatolia did not facilitate the adoption of too many Babylonian culture traits.

The land of the Hittites was agriculturally self-sufficient without irrigation, and additionally, it produced a diversified economy. Wood, stone, mineral resources, grapevine, and livestock were in abundance and this encouraged metal working, textile manufacturing, and viniculture. Trade during the Hittites time flourished because the civilized world sought the copper and silver contr...

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