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Organized Management System

Rejection criterion : p<.05

Critical value : 5.991

Statistically Significant : Yes


This research study suggested that an organizationallybased management development program especially designed for young, inexperienced engineers is the best solution to the problem of preparing such individuals to effectively discharge responsibilities as manaufacturing project engineers, and manufacturing managers in the dynamic manufacturing environment of the 1990s. The hypothesis tested in the study was stated as follows:

It is hypothesized that an organizationallybased management development program placing a special emphasis on (1) project engineering and management attributes, (2) human resources management, and (3) plant project opportunities and incentives will effectively prepare young, inexperienced engineers for the effective discharge of responsibilities in manufacturing project engineering, and manufacturing management positions.

The problem addressed was generally concerned with productivity in the American manufacturing environment, which is in the midst of fundamental change in the 1990s. The introduction of advanced technology (hightech) into the processes of the manufacturing industries in the United States has, in most instances, been accompanied by significant shift in emphasisin manufacturing management. In the recent past, the emphasis

25 26in manufacturing management was on materials inventories, ordering and production lead times, labor and material efficiency, workinprogress (WIP) levels, finished goods inventories, and so forth. The emerging emphasis in American manufacturing is on justintime (JIT) techniques. JIT production techniques emphasize the elimination of waste, which is defined as any activity performed within a manufacturing company which does not add value to the...

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