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New Political Platform

It is imperative to admit that the petroleum industry, which has benefited for some 100 years from special tax and industry exemptions, is plainly mature and highly profitable. As emerging industries, clean-energy companies require the support of government in order to develop meaningfully.

In addition, penalties for pollution of the environment by industrial actors will be increased, assessed, and enforced, the proceeds of such actions to be reserved for environmental reclamation. Many major industries have, over time, received special protection for their activities, yet their processes often pollute areas that we all hold in common, from rivers and lakes to wetlands and groundwater. The price of doing business must include responsibility to the shared environment, including reclamation of vegetative and/or wilderness areas devastated by clear-cutting, strip mining, or other resource extraction.

Now let us consider education. Public education must be free to all, and it must be adequately funded. Our proposal has a twofold component, (1) substantive and (2) econo


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