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New Political Platform

Now let us consider education. Public education must be free to all, and it must be adequately funded. Our proposal has a twofold component, (1) substantive and (2) economic. The substantive component arises because of the extraordinary explosion in and complication of the body of knowledge brought on by the high-technology revolution. We propose funding research into the prospect of expanding the standard term of education by one year, such that preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school will be followed by five instead of four years of secondary school. This will eliminate the remedial work that so many college students unequal to the task of college-level work must do, in the process often losing their motivation and abandoning advanced education altogether. Adding a year to high school, which is now the norm in the UK and Europe, is one possible way of resolving that issue, and it should be studied carefully as an investment in our competitive future.

The economics of public education have long been a vexing issue. That is why routine government subsidization of private education will be withdrawn, in favor of directing funds toward improving the physical environment of public schools and improving the pay scales of classroom teachers, to improve the quality of instruction. These objectives will be paid for by means of a surtax of 5% on taxable incomes exceeding $1 million.

Race and ethnicity have proven to be among the most fractious issues of public discourse around the world. We must begin by insisting on the absolute equality before the law of persons of every race and ethnicity and by insisting on equality of opportunity for employment, housing, and other social goods. Cases of discrimination should be vigorously pr


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