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Expansion of Japanese Industries

Software has been created to make the various functions of Project Management work effectively for the organization. Olsen looks at each of the important elements of Project Management and discusses how they should be shaped for the most effective implementation of the program. He finds that the best way to control each element is to shape that element properly in the first place, gathering the best people, selecting the best software, and managing change as it occurs (35-38).

Steven Laird (1992), a Partner in CaJen Company, here offers an assessment of the importance of communications in customer relations and how communications can be used to overcome poor customer relations. What he is describing is a Project Management approach utilizing sophisticated and customized software for human resource professionals. This case illustrates the difficulty of achieving managerial success in a technological environment, for when the computer system was installed, system problems only increased. One concern was that the project manager rarely saw a client after the installation of the system, which seemed to remove the human element from customer relations. The computer installation itself slowed down operations and created bottlenecks and reductions in efficiency. The problems were exacerbated by the fact that the project manager was no longer responsible for the project after installation.

Specific steps were taken to improve communications within the Project Management environment, and these are indicated by Laird as a pro-active communications strategy built around three key elements. The first was a look at the way the project was conducted to identify "communications milestones" where the project manager could report meaningful progress to the client. The second was that the company made sure the client could always reach the people working on the project directly. The third was that the company revamped its lackluster news...

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