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Japanese Industrial Expansion

Wallace and Halverson (1992) discuss the concept of Project Management and whether it is a truly useful tool or only the latest fad being used by managers today. They indicate the latest trends in Project Management software and the ways in which it is being used by managers--Project Management is a strongly computer-based system which may center on a variety of different specially designed software--and they find that Project Management requires a certain approach that is enterprise-wide and that runs in an environment of mixed computing platforms and with databases on distributed networks. They examine Project Management systems and how easy or difficult they may be to use, a question they say is essential. Some vendors have addressed the ease-of-use issue, and some have not, and those who have are using different techniques to try to make the software more useful and accessible. The authors note the benefits that accrues from Project Management:

1) it helps managers identify ill-conceived and directionless projects;

2) it increases visibility with a road map for participants to work toward;

3) it promotes teamwork and communication across departments;

4) it enables managers to be proactive rather than reactive; and

5) it enables managers to predict costs and to make informed decisions.

The authors conclude that Project Management as a method of guiding a


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