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Intranets Networks Design

Duke Energy North America, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, set up an intranet which serves as the company's real-time performance cost monitoring system. The system helps the company develop and submit bids on power to the wholesale energy market, a market where prices can vary from $300 per megawatt hour in the midwest in May to $6,000 per megawatt hour in the northeast on the same day. Having a system which enables companies to prepare the most efficient bid ensures that potential profits are not lost due to poor information, but also that the bids are competitive relative to the rest of the market (Hamblen, 2000, p. 40).

Duke's system shows bidders, plant managers and corporate asset managers a "snapshot" of the production capability of all plants throughout the day. It separates out the production needed for existing clients, allowing bidders and others to see what capacity is left for selling on the open market. With this data, bidders can set a price for wholesale energy controlled by energy aggregators, shipping power to an area where demand is high from an area where production capacity is available. Duke estimates that the $200,000 system has already paid for itself, but recognizes that it is impossible to quantify exactly how much of an advantage the system has provided to a company which did more than $17 billion in sales prior to introducing the intranet (Hamblen, 2000, p. 40).

At AT&T, sales representatives are the primary users of the business service group's intranet, with several thousand sales representatives currently using the system; thousands more are expected to migrate to the system prior to the end of 2001. Eventually, the company intends to have all of its more than 100,000 employees who use personal computers able to access the intranet. The intranet at AT&T provides access to ordering, billing, credit evaluation and pricing tools. By using the intranet, employees are able to gain access to in...

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