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Psychological Disturbances: Known as Personality Disorders

Paranoid individuals "have a highly organized, consistent delusional system" (Bruno, 1993, p. 44).

The second, and the least common of all the personality disorders, is schizoid personality disorder. This is typified by a detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of emotional expression in interpersonal settings.

The third odd or eccentric disorder is the schizotypal personality disorder. This is characterized by discomfort with and reduced capacity for close relationships, as well as "cognitive or perceptual distortions and behavioral eccentricities" (Fauman, 1994, p. 152).

Cluster B includes four disorders characterized as dramatic, emotional, or erratic. This group's behavior is commonly expressed through aggression (Marlowe, 1997, July 19, p. 179), either aggression toward others or aggression toward self, such as through suicidal impulses and self-destructive acts.

Frank J. Bruno (1993) differentiates between acute suicide, direct and deliberate acts of self-destruction, and Chronic suicide, also known as indirect self-destructive behavior:

The psychology of both acute and chronic suicide is similar, but not identical. One factor that distinguishes the two is that in acute suicide, there is no denial of the wish for death. In chronic suicide, there is denial of such a wish. It is a repressed wish. On the surface, the individual seeks pleasure, an immediate gratification, a sense of control, or some other psychological payoff. Death or disability are recognized, naturally, as unfortunate consequences of one's actions, but that is usually as far as insight penetrates (p. 188).

The first of the Cluster B disorders is histrionic personality disorder, typified by excessive emotionality and attention seeking. More women than men tend to be diagnosed with this particular disorder; some feminists suggest that this diagnosis is especially suited to the way in which "difficult" female patients...

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