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A Conversation with a Former Athlete

However, I am a retired firefighter and had to retire because of an on the job injury. I consider fire-fighting a sport. It was pretty sad.

7. What is your worst memory about playing sports?

I don't really have any bad memories about playing sports. But I have made the mistake of sizing up the competition. What I've learned is that you should never size other people up because people are so unpredictable and will always surprise you. You can never guess if they are fast or slow or what kind of athlete they are. When I realized this, it was a big reality check for me. You should never pre-judge anyone.

Do you think there is any difference between female and male

Yes, I do. Men are stronger than women. Men are naturally stronger. That's why we don't compete against each other. If you asked an average male to bench press a certain weight and an average female to bench press a certain weight, the male would be able to bench press more. That being said, I don't think that there is a different in the way that we play or a difference in mental state or emotions.

How has playing sports affected your health?

In a most positive way and continues to do so. Not only is physical activity good for your heart and for your body, it makes me a better person. I find that I am more patient and it gives me peace of mind.

How has age limited your participation in sports?

It really hasn't. But I find that I have to stretch after

I exercise. Before I didn't have to.

How has age broadened your participation in sports?

Now, I see more of the bigger picture. It is sad how they push athletics and art to the back burner. I notice that this affects kids and their attitudes. When kids participate in physical activity they get all of the bugs our of their system. So, when they go to their classrooms they are ready to settle down and are ready to do their work.


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