A Conversation with a Former Athlete
So it seemed that almost every family really encouraged physical activity.

What is your fondest memory about playing sports?

Well, I guess the best memories that I have are when my parents would come and see me play. They were busy parents and it would always make me happy when I would look up and see them there watching me.

Have you ever sustained any injury because of sports?

Well, I've never sustained any injury because of sports. However, I am a retired firefighter and had to retire because of an on the job injury. I consider fire-fighting a sport. It was pretty sad.

7. What is your worst memory about playing sports?

I don't really have any bad memories about playing sports. But I have made the mistake of sizing up the competition. What I've learned is that you should never size other people up because people are so unpredictable and will always surprise you. You can never guess if they are fast or slow or what kind of athlete they are. When I realized this, it was a big reality check for me. You should never pre-judge anyone.

Do you think there is any difference between female and male

Yes, I do. Men are stronger than women. Men are naturally stronger. That's why we don't compete against each other. If you asked an average male to bench press a certain weight and an average female to bench press a certain weight, the male would be able to bench press more. That being said, I don't think that the

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