Use of Music in Dracula
He is partially impaled on a large, ornate sword.

Shot (1) 2 secs.: LS of ornate, round ceiling painting above them. The painting is shown in dim light and the figures, a man and a woman floating within the veil of their intertwined cloaks, are not clear. The music is soft, dramatic, and respectful of the setting.

Shot (2) 3 secs.: Overhead LS looking down on M and D sprawled on the floor in front of the altar. D is framed in the lower righthand corner of the shot, M is in the lower center next to him, and the huge stone cross behind the altar is in the upper center of the frame. The light is dim, as the sun has just set outside. The loudest sound is a whimpering sob that may have come from either character and appears to have been dubbed in later, as it does not effectively match the visuals.

Shot (3) 17 secs.: MS high angle over M's shoulder of D lying bloodied on the floor. He is pale grey, slimy, and covered with blood. His dialogue is a reference to Christ's last words on the cross - "Where is my god? He has forsaken me." - and then, as he stops her from pulling out the sword - "It is finished.".

Shot (4) 9 secs.: CU of M, low angle looking up at her. The camera follows her as she leans down to kiss him.

Shot (5) 4 secs.: CU of D looking up at M, over her shoulder. As he shows some astonishment at her continued devotion, the music swells and a distant heavenly chorus is heard.

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