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Family Relationships and Black Communities

These strengths serve as support mechanisms or networks in the African American family and black communities as they confront the challenges unique to them. McAdoo (2007, p. 5) lists these strengths as:

. Legitimation of beingness

. Provision of a family code

. Elasticity of boundaries

. Provisions of information/knowledge

. Mediation of concrete conditions

Family patterns and relationships have become increasingly diverse among black families due to the "growing diversities of people of color, including their economic, educational, and geographic origins" (McAdoo, 2007, p. 155). However, family ties within the African American community are almost exclusively "culturally based" rather than solely economic in nature (McAdoo, 1978, p. 761). Extended family is very important in the black community, as ties of kinship continue to unite black families and serve as support systems. Grandmothers often raise grandchildren while parents work; aunts routinely babysit or help their adult siblings with chores; and, brothers and uncles and nephews forge close bonds that often aim at economic or educational goals. Kinship remains vital to the unity of the black family. McAdoo (1982) notes that socioeconomic success does appear to reduce stress levels in successful black families, but kin networks remain a vital comp


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