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Management Internship Report

This computer system was set up on a small company network and enabled financial advisors to prepare tax returns, run "what-if" scenarios for their clients, and integrate billing into one computer package. As a particular task is completed for a particular client, the financial advisor sends me e-mail telling me what has been done and how to handle the billing. It is then my responsibility to print the documents (often tax returns), make (or have made) photocopies, put a package together for the client explaining the documents and what needs to be done with them, and handle the billing for the project.

In order to accomplish this part of my internship, I had to learn the software that the financial advisors used in order to print the documents. I also had to become proficient in the use of e-mail so that I could pick up my messages, let the associates know when the work was complete, and (in some cases), e-mail clients through the Internet that their documents were ready. I also had to learn the billing module in order to prepare and update customer invoices.

Because the computer system used at the company is proprietary, there were no books available at the local computer store on how to use the system. Since it was written for a small company, there were also no videotapes, and no tutorials had bee


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