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Management Principles and Responsibilities

I am also responsible for preparing a daily report about the deposits. I track the deposits using Excel, and have developed a weekly and monthly report, as well. This report can be used to audit the proprietary billing system. The proprietary system tracks the payments made by customers and will print a report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis showing which customers have paid and what the outstanding balance is. By comparing this to the daily, weekly and monthly deposit record, we are able to spot any inconsistencies or mistakes which may have been made during data entry. This informal and frequent audit step should help the company avoid unnecessary and costly errors (Gauntt, Jr. & Glezen, 1997, p. 57).

One of the most critical aspects of my internship is making sure that the clients receive the right documents in a timely manner, and that they understand the disposition of those documents. In many cases, this involves tax returns; in other cases, there may be financial planning documents which clients use to help plan their future. In each case, the documents are accompanied by a cover letter explaining what the documents are and what the clients need to do with the documents. In most situations, the clients need to sign the documents and send them to the appropriate government agency. Typically, we include extra copies so that the clients have a "file" copy of the documents.

The cover letter is a form letter in Microsoft Word which requires that I insert the appropriate information before printing it. This cover letter is then included with the various documents and sent to the client (some clients pick up the documents). While we may prepare dozens of such packages every week, each client only receives one such package, and it is imperative that there be no errors in their package. We need to ensure that the right instructions are included in the cover letter, that the right number of copies are included in the ...

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