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Electronic Employee Monitoring

Game sites, adult sites and similar sites (sometimes including auction sites) can all be blocked without knowing whether employees are actually visiting those sites. It is also possible to determine if employees try to visit such sites in the event that they are blocked.

Some employers use computer monitoring to track whether employees are using the various software programs that are installed on their personal computers and workstations. As a whole, the industry has made strides toward encouraging only licensed versions of software. As a result of this, companies are now regularly purchasing multiple licenses for their networks and installing software enterprise-wide. However, some software programs may be used by only a few people and companies are eager to track down unused software so that they can reduce their MIS costs in the future. Employees are reluctant to give up software, or may anticipate that they will have a need for a particular piece of software that they actually do not need. By monitoring the software that an employee actually uses, and the ways in which the employee uses it, companies hope to be able to reduce their long-term costs (Buss 47).

One of the most controversial, and invasive, methods of computer monitoring is reading the e-mail which comes into and which leaves an organization. Many employees have assumed that their e-mail was personal in much the same way that personal ma


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