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Profiles of Musical Instruments

Its earliest known use in opera was in Cesti(s (Il Pomo D(Oro( (1668), where it was grouped with cornets and trombones.

Serge Prokofiev used the bassoon in Peter and the Wolf for the character of the grandfather. CELLO aka VIOLINCELLO. String family. This is the bass member of the violin family. It originated in the 16th century as one of family of instruments of varying sizes known as (viole da braccio.( It is a giant version of the violin resting on the floor by the player. Some cellos had a pointed leg so that the bottom of the frame doesn(t touch the floor. Its neck is held by the player, who strums his bow back and forth horizontally to produce a profoundly deep tone. The cello is contructed like the violin, with 70 pieces of wood, but with the difference that its sheer size and cavity produce a bass baritone sound. The cello(s leading players in the 20th century have included Pablo Casals and Yo Yo Ma.

CLARINET: Woodwind family. It is an instrument of cylindrical bore going back several centuries. The clarinet is a family of instruments unto itself, ranging from octave to soprano to contrabass or pedal. It is made in five parts: Mouthpiee, barrel, upper or left hand joint, lower or right hand joint, and bell. The sections are fitted by tenon-and-socket connection


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