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Apple Computer Corporation and Microsoft

The goal at Microsoft is to create a marketing mix that will differentiate its products from its competitors resulting in a larger market share, higher sales and more profits.

Pricing: Microsoft has historically had a system where its products are priced the same around the world. However, Microsoft is currently evaluating the possibility of offering its software at different price points around the world, signaling a possible departure from its unified global pricing practice. Edward Moltzen (2003) writes in Computer Reseller News that Microsoft is looking to address concerns about pricing disparities in its software. Many have complained about Dell Computers' price advantage over other manufacturers on Microsoft software (Moltzen, 2003). Microsoft is concerned that abandoning the unified global pricing program will result in buyers shopping around the world for the best price. At the same time, the company wants to make certain its products remain affordable to companies and individuals around the world which is part of the company's strategy to remain the leading software company in the world.

To address the problems that abandoning the unified pricing strategy would create, Microsoft is considering offering different prices for the different language editions of its products. Thus, a Mandarin version of Microsoft Office could have a different price from an Ara


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