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Of course, other sports equipment manufacturers will also be considering expansion in the region, so competition is likely to increase in the short-term, and possibly decrease over the long-term as mergers and acquisitions take place in the market.

Cruise lines are likely to enjoy even greater benefit from CAFTA. Already, the Panama Canal is a popular cruise destination, although cruise lines typically limit their cruises through the Panama Canal as they move ships from one ocean to the other according to the season. Having greater co-operation both economically and politically through CAFTA would increase the number of options available to cruise lines and to the countries that host them.

Companies that offer Caribbean cruises might expand their ports of call to include ancient sites on the east coast of Central America; cruise lines serving the Mexican Riviera might do the same. In addition, Costa Rica is already a popular tourist destination; cruise lines might build on that popularity to offer ports of call that include Costa Rica but that also cover more of the region. Cruise lines can boost the economies of the ports where they call through tourist dollars sold through tours as well as through retail and support operations, and thus the cruise line is likely to find that governments are eager to work with them to


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