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Now, what is the Tao? Nature follows the Dao, while humans with their conscious wills go against the Dao. The goal of the Taoist is to harmonize with the Tao and thereby become one with the cosmos, with nature, with all things.

Looking at that quote again, what seemed simple and basic, within the framework of the Tao becomes rich with meaning, yet quite simple.

When a Westerner tries to study the Tao, the tendency is to try to describe one thing in terms of the others (to use knowledge). The Taoist says "Look at this method, some components take place. They either have similarity or not. It means, the difference, which separates the components, precedes similarity. Nevertheless, there are situations when no difference/similarity is seen and, like the result of this, there is no analogy (Zehou, 1999).

For example, thinking has no visible analogy. Explain this situation in such a way thinking does not yield cognitive initiative to study itself. The paradox is it reveals a classif


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