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Concept of Living for Taoism

The paradox is it reveals a classification but it concerns the level of initiatives higher than thinking. An unusual analogy is seen here: a cognitive antagonist can be imagined who prevents to study thinking.

While we can not study thinking by analogy, let study antagonism by analogy.

It would be the step to study thinking like a private case of antagonism. Frame the hypothesis antagonism (difference, contrast, conflict or the possibility to make a choice) is believed to be the prime cognitive category. Simply speaking, it is the idea cognition implies a choice (Zehou, 1999).

Cognition, to the Taoist, is an active process but it can be passive. The task is to analyze an unusual, passive cognitive process without initiative to understand usual, initiative one.

Notice, a kind of practical activity is known as 'cognition without initiative.

Without purpose, no decision can be chosen. At the same

time, the process of scattered observations is undoubtedly useful. The more observations are produced the better because it makes the situation clear. The Tao, then, resembles 'physical' cognitive strategy to compensate by many observations an unavoidable instrumental mistake. To enter the sphere of the Tao, notice scattered-ness is not a special plan (idea, result of thinking). It is rather ultimate possibility, which exists ever or a priori. Let interpret an unavoidable instrumental mistake of a physical observation by the same manner.

Thus we can see that to follow the one Grand Way is to not accept any other way but the One Grand Way. There are not two alternative or conflicted strategies. The One Grand Way is like abstract borders to limit many (maybe, all) cognitive efforts. The fact is that when the alternative takes place objectively and it looks like an idea a priori or information a priori. Independently from a theoretical explic


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