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Health Issue in Nigeria

The total fertility rate for Nigeria 7.0, which is far above average for countries in its developmental classification, and is 3.7 times as high as the 1.9 rate for the United States, which is average for the western industrialized countries.

The rapid and all but unchecked population growth in Nigeria has placed significant stress on the Nigerian society. The country has been hard put to develop workable and effectivepublic health policies as a result of this rapid population growth, which is further aggravated by the country's urbanization.

Urbanization has proceeded in Nigeria at a fast pace. In 1989, 73 percent of the country's population lived in cities of 500,000 population or larger, and 27 percent lived in the country's largest cityLagos.


Nigeria needs to expand the scope of it national program for the eradication of preventable diseases. The empahsis in the existing national program is on smallpox, malaria, and tuberculosis. The federal government also needs to expand its corps of public health inspectors to increase the housetohouse inspection effort to detect environmental sanitation problems. Ground water cleanup is one of the major requirements in this context.

Although groundwater contamination is an emotional issue which rouses high passions on all sides of the issue, there 5

are serious economic and political implications of such contamination which must be soberly considered by all factions. In the economic context, the following implications must be considered in the development of solutions:

1. A continuation of current trends in groundwater contamination could result in the following:

a. A shrinkage of fresh water supplies to a point where: (1) water available for human consumption would be insufficient; (2) water available for animal consumption would be insufficient; (3) fresh water required for dr...

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