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Exporting Ceramic Replicas

The Ceramic Replicas market consists of products, either handcrafted or mass-produced that fall under one or more of the following Standard Industrial Trade Classification categories:

Porcelain or China Household or Toilet Articles Other than Tableware

Porcelain or China Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles

Ceramic statuettes And Other Ornaments, Except of Porcelain or

The thrust of this exercise is to determine an international strategy for HSR. This paper will include an audit of two of the three countries, a recommendation of the one country that seems most suitable, and a strategy for entering that country. Without questioning some internal assumptions that Bob has made concerning his production power, we shall accept (blindly) his belief that he can boost production to 2,000 figurines per day. The one business fact that we cannot ignore, however, is the very slim margins with which he is operating, specifically, a retail price of $30 for an item that costs him $20.

Generally, the novelties and house ware segments that he would be selling in usually operate on markups of 60 to 80 percent, with an item that costs $1 selling at retail for $5. These markups are necessary because of the typical channels that the figurines are sold in. However, we shall accept the assumption that, should HSR grow, and his volume increase, the c


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