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IIP Inititiative & HR Management

The measures of good practice tend to be somewhat fluid and general rather than specific. The prescribed good practice for an employer to provide useful and relevant communication to an employee relative to the employee's work performance, as an example, does not require an employers to demonstrate that a formal performance evaluation system is in place at the company. Rather, a company is required only to show that it does communicate relevant performance information to each employee (Denny, 2002). The four principles, together with the 12 indicators of the implementation of good practices, are as follows:

Commitment [an organisation is fully committed to developing its people in order to achieve its aims and objectives]

Committed to the support of the development of its people

People are encouraged to improve their own performance and the performance of others

People perceive that the organisation recognises their contributions

The organisation is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in the development of its people

Planning [an organisation is clear about its aims and objectives and about what people need to do to attain the aims and objectives]

The organisation has a plan with clear aims and objectives that are understood by all organisational members

The people development activities are consistent with the organisation's aims and objectives

People understand how they contribute to the attainment of the organisation's aim


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