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Private & Public Health Care PRIVA

Medicare's use of managed care systems incurs further outcome limitations.

In addition, the health care system includes both physical and mental health aspects which must be considered. Oss (2000) points out that the health care system is facing changing times. For example, previously, individuals who suffered from behavioral disorders or disabilities were served only by programs funded publicly. More currently, the advent of the Internet, and legislation and organizations such as the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), have led to new levels of consumerism. People are becoming more demanding, biomedicines are becoming more appropriate with fewer side effects, and employers are being forced by law to provide wider ranges of health care plans. The author reports that the shift in spending is from public to private, and the health care system must become aware of and accommodate the necessity of both.

Individual attempts have been made to determine the effectiveness and importance of both the private and public health care systems. However, findings are inconclusive and inconsistent. Since findings tend to include multiple factors such as economic, emotional, and other issues, it appears that a meta-analysis is needed to focus on the integration of findings regarding the systems outcomes of private and public health care systems.

The purpose of this research study will be to perform a meta-analysis of existing litera


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