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The Positive and Negative Aspects of Health Care System

An understanding of the factors demonstrating the systems outcomes of both private and public health care systems is needed to help determine the usefulness of combining both, to assist in the optimal guiding of future directions for the health care system.

This research study will use a meta-analysis to examine the existing literature regarding systems outcomes of private and public health care systems and create new relevant data. This analysis will be guided by a research question. A review of the literature will be conducted to include relevant studies on the subject, including the history and evolution of health care, a review of several existing health care systems, and current trends toward both private and public health care plans. The meta-analysis will review the relevant studies to search for reported systems outcomes of public and private health care systems as well as individual study characteristics. The meta-analysis will be conducted to answer the research question and generate hypotheses for future study.

Meta-analysis is defined as a statistical procedure which integrates results of independent studies that are considered to be relevant for combining. The meta-analysis allows for a more objective analysis of data than the traditional review. This type of analysis provides a more thorough examination of conclusions drawn from original studies. Further, the meta-analysis may allow for findings to be generalized to a larger population since it includes multiple samples. Meta-analysis expands original units of measure. Criticisms of the meta-analysis include that the inclusion or exclusion of studies to be analyzed may affect findings and the researcher selection of studies to be included may represent researcher-bias. In addition to this bias, results of a meta-analysis are effected by the fact that certain studies are more likely to be published than other studies, for example studies with significant r...

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