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NAFTA & Trade Disputes

For example, Mexico and the United States are currently attempting to harmonize their pollution standards due to disagreements over pollution control in Mexico ("Three Nation Panel" A1).

Since NAFTA was passed ten years ago, traffic at U.S. borders with both Canada and Mexico has increased significantly. Although NAFTA's drafters had anticipated certain environmental concerns after the Act's passage and created the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) as a result, the Act's drafters had not anticipated the problems resulting from transportation. The increased transportation has led to a significant increase in respiratory illnesses in children along the border ("Three Nation Panel" A1). An additional problem has been the construction in Mexicali of two power plants that emit pollutants into California but which are not subject to U.S. pollution legislation. As a result, U.S. and Mexican state and federal environmental officials have been working together to harmonize U.S. and Mex


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