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Horrific Nature of Slavery in U.S. Society

For instance, at one point the son of Anna and the King confront each other and the Prince maintains, 'Son of teacher forget that I am son of King' (Tennant, 1999). To this, Anna's son Louis replies, 'Son of teacher couldn't care less' (Tennant, 1999). These cultural clashes over values and beliefs erupt even more forcefully between Anna and the King. Anna despises and is horrified by the abuses meted out by the King to those who do not obey his will or are found guilty of a crime. Slowly but surely Anna and the King move to middle-ground on a number of issues but they still cannot reconcile the differences between them that stem from different backgrounds, cultures, values and beliefs. They often spend time apart due to these differences, with Anna refusing to obey the King's commands. At one point the King maintains, 'When a woman who has much to say says nothing, her silence can be deafening' (Tennant, 1999). In the end, Anna and the King forge a deep bond but myriad emotions confront them as they try to reconcile the vast differences between their cultures and value systems.

Taylor Hackford's (1993) Bound by Honor provides a glimpse into the world of prison gangs and the often brutal reality and emotions that accompany such lives. Three Latino friends in Los Angeles in the 1970s become emotionally deadened by their experiences as they live out their destinies. Cruz is an artist but a serious accident cripples him and leads him into a life of isolation and despair as a drug addict. Paco is arrested as an accessory for murder. He must sign up for military duty to escape prison. Miklo, the shooter in the murder, is sent to prison but he slowly infiltrates himself into the prison gang known as La Onda. Loyalty, honor and family make for many emotions among the three Latinos. We see that hope is seldom a luxury Latinos can afford. As Milo explains, 'When you expect nothing and get everyt


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