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The American Economy Structure

Maslow held that the lower order needs were more compelling than the higher order ones; that human beings would always seek to fulfill those lower order needs first. He further contended, however, that, in modern industrial societies, lower order needs have, for all intents and purposes, been met. In application of the theory, Maslow contended that needs which had been satisfied do not stimulate. Thus, successful motivation in a modern industrial society must rely on the satisfaction of the higherorder needs.

Herzberg's twofactor theory of motivation and hygiene differs somewhat from Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Herzberg (1966) classified human needs as either motivation factors or hygiene factors. Herzberg contended that hygiene and motivation factors worked in a continuum: hygiene factors were those needs, which, if fulfilled, would not motivate an individual to performance at a level higher than some established norm, but which, if they were not met, would act as disincentives to 6performance at the level of the established norm; and motivation factors were those needs, which, if not fulfilled, would not cause performance to fall below the level of the established norm, but which, if they were fulfilled, would provide incentives for performance at a level higher than the established norm.

It can be seen that factors associated with the motivation of individuals within organizational environments will, at times: (1) be classified differently under the two approaches; and (2) receive different emphases. Acceptance of the Maslow theory could cause an organization to tend to either overlook or to downplay the lower order needs (which include compensation in a modern industrial society). Acceptance of the Herzberg theory would cause an organization to continue to address needs such as compensation, without, however, placing a primary motivational emphasis on them.

The Application of Power in Organizations


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