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Unannexed Territory

This argument is supportable, if one agrees with the proposition that Jews from all parts of the world have rights to the territory of Palestine which are at least equal to those of the Arab Palestinians who were born there.

If one agrees with the religious Zionists, of course, there is no question of competing equal rights, because, as God promised the territory to the Jews, there are only Jewish rights to be considered (Kahane, 1988a). If one accepts the position of the secular Zionists, it is also difficult to support an argument of equal competing rights. The secular Zionists, for one thing, do not accept that Arab Palestinian rights are equal to Jewish rights. Although they did not specify that a Jewish state had to be created on Palestinian territory, they did contend that the Jews had a right to their own state. As Palestine was selected as the territory on which the State of Israel was created, however, Jewish rights now are predominate in Palestine (Nisan, 1987).

The Arab Palestinians and the Jewish Palestinians who resided in Palestine prior to the creation of the State of Israel did, indeed, enjoy equal rights in Palestine. A just solution for these people would have been the creation of an independent state in which they could have continued to live together as equals. Instead, the international community of great powers imposed the creation of the State of Israel in the territory of Palestine. This action certainly created a great injustice for the Arab Palestinians, but it was not the result of a clash of equal rights.

United Nations Resolution Number 242 calls for the return by Israel of the territories in occupied as a consequence of the SixDay War. The Resolution also calls for the Arab states and the Palestine Liberation Organization to recognize the right of the State of Israel to exist. The United States officially supports Resolution 242. In actual practice, however, the United States has usuall...

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