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Marketing Levi Strauss Jeans in Eastern Europe

Although Levi Strauss produces a wide variety of apparel products, the company's success has been built on its basic jeanswear. The company's productive capacity remains oriented to the production of jeanswear products, and indications are that the company's management continues to think along these lines. Levi Strauss jeans are among the most well known Western products to consumers in the Eastern European region.

Defining the Market in Eastern Europe

To be successful in Russia, Western marketers such as Levi Strauss must seek their primary objectives over the long term. Such marketers also must be flexible in adapting to local conditions, which are quite different from those found in established markets in Western countries. Consumer goods companies, such as Levi Strauss, must gain control over the distribution systems upon which their products depend.

The Russian population exceeds 150 million persons. Greater Moscow alone has a population of more than 11 million, more than the entire Czech Republic. St. Petersburg has a population of five million, making it as big a market as Slovakia or Denmark. Purchasing power parity in Russia is greater than that in either China or India. While the official per capita income level in Russia is low, the effects of the substantial underground economy in Russia are not reflected in the off


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