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The Levi Strauss Company, Now Markets in Eastern Europe

As long as new crops of teenagers continue to come along, therefore, the adoption process will continue to be relevant in the marketing of Levi jeans.

For the teenager, the awareness stage of the adoption process is manifested through the company's advertising, while interest is stimulated by the consumer influencers incorporated into the commercials. Evaluation occurs as the teenager mentally visualizes the product in her or his own environment, and actual trial occurs, if the product is purchased for test use. The decision either to accept or to reject the product will depend largely on how the teenager's wearing of Levi jeans is received by others in her or his environment. Confirmation is sought through additional reinforcement.

These consumer influencers are effective in the adoption process for Levi jeans applied by the teenage segment of the target market, because teenagers tend to define themselves within the context of emblems, such as Levi jeans, and through incarnations of style through which they can attempt to establish personal image. Although necessarily compressed because of the age definitions of the demographic segment, the adoption curve·innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and non-adopters·is generally applicable to the adoption by teenagers in Eastern Europe of Levi jeans.

Levi Strauss creates different brand images for the company's jeans products for customers in different parts of the world. As examples, a very social, group-oriented image is used in the United States, whereas a much more individualist, sexual image is maintained in Europe, both Eastern and Western.

Wholesale prices for Levi Strauss products in Europe and Japan are higher than retail prices for Levi Strauss products in the United States. This situation creates arbitrage opportunities for distributors and speculators. This price strategy followed by Levi Strauss contributes to the development of both a "...

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