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World History: Interaction of Europeans and Americans

The significance of this model was that it accounted for the displacement of indigenous cultures and explains the racially mixed populations that characterize modern Latin America to this day. The matter is also important because it shows that the pattern of exploitation founded by Christopher Columbus also explains the oppression and exploitation of the indigenous cultures and resources of the Americas: 1) Gold, pearls, and valuable spices; 2) Beautiful plants and animals; and, 3) Subjugation of indigenous cultures and religious and government domination of them (Norton et al., 2000, p. 19-20).

Norton (et al., 2000) also provides a variety of data, statistics, and quantities to demonstrate the oppression and exploitation of indigenous cultures in the Americas by Europeans. For instance, Norton (et al., 2000) cites the ˘thousands÷ of Indians and other indigenous peoples of the Americas who ˘embraced Catholicism,÷ primarily because they were obedient and it was the religion of their conquerors (p. 25). Norton (et al., 2000) al


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