The Economic Overview of Women, Men and York
Much the same approach is taken in the remaining sections of this chapter. The approach, specifically, is to state a concept, offer data to support that concept, refute that concept, end up agreeing with that concept. For example, consider this example.

State a concept: "Recent articles in the popular press have pointed to the consequences of these changes in the form of huge corporate layoffs (p. 243, Second Paragraph first sentence.

Offer Data to Support the Concept: "For instance, during 1995 and 1996m AT&T, IBM, and General Motors, each laid off more than 50,000 workers" (p. 243, second sentence, footnoted to an article from the "popular press."

Refute that Concept: "While the public may have formed an exaggerated view of overall trends based on such highly publicized and dramatic layoffs" (p. 243, third sentence, first clause)

Agree with the Concept: "the economywide evidence does indicate that layoffs have increased. Table 8.5 gives data on the job displacement rate, that is, the number of workers who left a firm due to a shift or position being abolished, slack work conditions, or a plant closing as a percentage of the total employed." (p. 243, conclusion of argument.)

To be fair, the authors are probably attempting to keep a finely tuned balance to their conceptual work, constantly maintaining a strong distance from their material.

In this approach, the authors seem to be slipping into

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