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Boston and the Breach with England

Nevertheless, three years later, in 1773, 150 colonists from Boston dressed like Mohawk Indians engaged in the Boston Tea Party, during which they dumped new shipments of tea from Great Britain into the Boston Harbor. Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty, founded by him, played an instrumental role in this rebellion that would set the stage for forging a new and independent nation.

While significant individuals played a major role in the American Revolution that would follow three years later, the breach with England originated in Massachusetts. Though the Crown removed the British troops from Boston and convicted several of crowd endangerment or manslaughter, the Boston Massacre demonstrated that the patience of the colonials with respect to the ˘perceived tyranny÷ of the British was fast disappearing, (Martin, & Roberts, 1989, p. 16). This eruption in Boston would usher in both the American Revolution and the subsequent creation of a society vastly different from that of the nations of Europe. This analysis will explore the prominence of Boston in the eventual breach and rebellion with England, including some of the important personages of Boston and traditions and qualities in the area which contributed to the break.

Among the personages in Boston who helped foment revolution, there were qualities and traditions in the region that helped contribute to growing antagonism against Great Britain. Boys (2005, p. 1) calls the American Revolution a


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