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The Breach with England

1). In the same year, Patrick Henry declared there would be 'no taxation without representation,' with England repealing the Act the following year, (Boys, 2005, p. 1). Despite this, in 1770 the Townshend Acts, a tax on imported goods from England, were passed. These Acts resulted in rebellion in Boston, resulting in the Boston Massacre in which five Americans were killed by British redcoats. Such incidents only added fuel to the fire of rebellion in Boston and the colonies.

Despite the embarrassment for Britain of the Boston Massacre, its insatiable appetite for revenues resulted in the Tea Act being passed in 1773. This would serve as the final straw for Bostonians and lead to ultimate Revolution and the founding of a new nation via the Boston Tea Party rebellion. During the Boston Tea Party, masked Sons of Liberty, dressed as Mohawk Indians, emptied into the water a total of 342 crates of tea owned by the East India Company and held on three ships in the Boston Harbor, (Boston, 2005, p. 1).

On May 11, 1773, the British Parliament authorized the East India Company, which faced bankruptcy due to corruption and mismanagement, to ship millions of pounds of tea to the American colonies for the purpose of selling the tea without imposing on the company the usual duties and tariffs. The goal of Parliament's action was to save the East India Company from certain bankruptcy. The company, which held a legal monopoly on British trade with the East Indies, was of crucial importance to the British economy and to individuals who had invested in its stock. Resistance leaders in Boston and elsewhere were immediately suspicious. Under the Tea Act, certain duties paid on tea were to be returned to the company and tea was to be sold 'only by designated agents,' which allowed the Company to 'avoid colonial middlemen and undersell any competitors,' (Norton, 1990, p. 126).

In Boston, where commerce and expansion of wealth were primary g...

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