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Large Scale Human Resources

Rather than merely conceiving and implementing a project, as can be done on a smaller scale, a large-scale project team needs to account for the project's resources, the production down-time it incurs, the impact on business, and the amount of time needed to recoup financial losses that occur due to interruption of business and other impacts of the project. Therefore, a large-scale project must be carefully orchestrated, with a formal project team, defined deliverables, and a Gantt chart or other project schedule having defined milestones for accomplishing the work.

Any given company is likely to have both small- and large-scale project needs from time to time. The way it handles the small-scale projects can be quite individualized and tailored to the particular project and team, but the way it handles large-scale projects should follow standard project management procedure to ensure that the implementation goes as smoothly as possible, within budget and within schedule, and that the negative impacts to the organization and its business are minimized as much as possible.

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