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The European Television Channel Market Analysis

The number of Europeans that are multilingual is important in this part of the analysis, but is unaddressed in the sources or this study.

The assignment calls for SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and PEST (political, economic, social and technical) analysis. (Aguilar, 2006) The following comments are centered on conventional broadcast analysis

Strengths--Broadcast television is the still the favorite media choice in Europe. Approximately 33% of European media viewing time is still devoted to commercial television as compared to only 20% to the Internet. These figures are based on 2004-5 data and have probably changed somewhat in favor of Internet in the interim, but television is still the leading entertainment source.

Weaknesses--The growth in the numbers of households with broadband access. It is estimate that more than 60% of households currently have broadband access and it is reasonable to deduce that income is one of the determining factors in this question. That would imply that in the high income and desirable segments of the market Internet is disproportionately important. (The-Infoshop, 2006)

Opportunities--It is difficult to develop any ideas for opportunities in broadcast TV in the current environment. As viewership in the most desirable segments of the market are eroded advertising revenues and


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