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Born To Buy by Juliet B. SchorĂs

The methods and tactics used by such marketers are often so subtle or covert that few parents are even aware of their existence. For instanbe, a good deal of marketing is conducted on the Internet or even in public schools. A lack of education funding leads to pacts between schools and marketers that are passed off as having intellectual or educational value. For lucrative sums of money, companies like Revlon and Prego offer educational lessons replete with product endorsements. As Schor (2004, p. 93) explains, ˘RevlonĂs curriculum taught kids about Šgood and bad hair daysĂ and ... care products if they were stranded on a desert island. Campbell Soup CompanyĂs Science Curriculum included the ŠPrego Thickness ExperimentĂ with a Šslotted spoon testĂ to figure out whether Prego or Ragu spaghetti sauce was the thicker.÷

Schor (2004) provides interviews with marketers and children, research studies conducted by her and others, and testimony from advertising professionals to support her claims. The tactics of marketers are often structured to posit ˘instructive÷ value to products that will make parents more inclined to buy them for children, while children are inundated with techniques that equate to what Schor (2004, p. 62) labels the ˘nag factor,÷ equipping children with the ˘pester power÷ to cajole reluctant parents into purchasing the items they most desire. Such tactics are common and routinely used by pred


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