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Landscape Gardening: A Form of Art

Stephen Parrish was a landscape painter who lived in Cornish Colony. He considered himself an amateur landscape gardener, but he spent more time in his garden than art studio according to residents of the Colony. His garden was created over time, more a gradual process than an outright creation. However, Van Buren (1988, p. 369) notes that though Parrish never had any formal training in architecture or design, 'as an artist he created a garden that expressed his interest in color and composition,' (SEE Fig. 2).

One of the most famous residents of the Cornish Colony was landscape architect Charles Platt. Platt was heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance. His architecture and his landscape architecture were both influenced by the Italian villas he admired. As Van Buren (1988, p. 373) notes, Platt's landscape designs in Cornish made him 'one of the leaders, if not the single originator, of the American return to formal landscape design.' We see the geometric spaces, symmetry and balance, and decorative objects like fountains in Platt's own garden in Cornish, one that was heavily influenced by those of the Italian Renaissance, (SEE Fig. 3). The popularity of landscape gardening would continue to grow in light of new technologies and the recognition that such artistic designs were also beneficial for many reasons aside from aesthetic value.

Today, landscape gardening continues to be popular with corporations and business as well as with individuals rich and poor. Many schools have realized that by designing landscape gardens they can provide outdoor natural learning environments for students. One in Allendale, New Jersey, the Hillside Elementary School, was designed by educators and landscape garden architects for such a purpose. As one architect explains, 'We broke it down into the water garden, the hummingbird garden, the woodland garden, the outdoor classr


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