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Landscape Gardening

In the United States, the Cornish Colony was started in 1885, in New Hampshire, along the Connecticut River. In the late nineteenth century, individuals like Rose Nichols, Stephen Parrish, and Charles Platt transformed the landscape by ˘turning farmhouses into summer houses and pastureland into gardens,÷ (Van Buren, 1988, p. 369). The inhabitants of Cornish Colony were heavily influenced by the changes taking place in landscaping by landscape architects like Charles Platt and artists like Stephen Parrish. Rose NicholsĂ garden design is emblematic of the use of walkways and colors associated with such landscapers and artists, (SEE Fig. 1).

Stephen Parrish was a landscape painter who lived in Cornish Colony. He considered himself an amateur landscape gardener, but he spent more time in his garden than a


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