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The One Minute Manager

They assert that the key to developing people is to catch them when they are doing something right, and then praising them for it. At the outset, when the goals are set, it should be understood between the manager and the employee that the manager will be checking up on the employee.

When praising an employee, there are three points to keep in mind. The first is to praise the employee at the time that the specific action is committed. Don't wait for a holiday or special time. Do it immediately. The second point is to be specific, then they will know what specific action it was that earned the praise so that they can repeat it later. The third point the manager needs to be aware of when praising an employee is to share his or her feelings about the employee's work. Explain how it makes you feel, how it fits in with the organization, and then allow a moment of silence so that the point sinks in (Blanchard & Johnson, 1983).

The third secret of One-Minute Management is the One-Minute Reprimand. When the employee does not meet the agreed upon goals or does something wrong then they need to be held accountable. This does not mean, however, that the manager reprimands someone who is learning. In the case of someone who is just learning a process or has attempted to reach a goal but has lost track of where they are going, the manager needs to redirect the employee. This means to return to the basic goal, f


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