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Television Viewing & Aggression

. . . Laboratory experiments show that immediately after viewing violent TV shows, children often behave and play more aggressively and choose aggressive solutions to social problems (Lippa, 1990, 453).

Some studies and social psychologists disagree with these general findings, but Lippa argues that "the preponderance of research documents a relationship between TV viewing and aggression in children" (Lippa, 1990, 453). The social psychological perspective, then, in general, is that such a relationship does exist and should be a concern for parents and society.

In one "meta-analysis" of 230 studies into this relationship

between TV violence and children's aggression, one researcher

found consistent evidence that TV violence is related to children's aggressiveness. In addition, she observed the following trends: the effects of TV violence tend to increase with age for boys but decrease for girls; TV violence encourages real-life violence, particularly when it is realistic and portrayed as justified, and finally, children nee


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